The life and times of Brock Lesnar spans an NCAA championship in wrestling, a career as a WWE Superstar, a short stint trying out for the NFL, and now being the UFC heavyweight champion.

That life will hit the pages, and then hit bookstore shelves, as Lesnar and longtime friend Paul Heyman are currently working on an autobiography for the South Dakota born fighter who has seen a lot in his 32 years.

Heyman, formerly known as Paul E. Dangerously to many pro wrestling fans, has been a longtime friend to Lesnar, and the two are collaborating on a book that will give fans an insider’s view to his life.

“Paul was one of the first guys that seen my talent at the WWE. Like I said, I was in the ring doing dark matches, the dark matches go out and warm the crowd up, the guys that go out and put five minutes in and do a show, and Paul saw talent in me and put a bug in (WWE CEO Vince McMahon’s) ear. So he’s been with me from the beginning,” Lesnar said about his relationship with Heyman.

“Now I’m finally, I’m writing a book, and Paul’s writing it, both him and I, and my book will be coming out here in the near future, and we’ve been spending a lot of time together.”

While Lesnar was preparing for his fight this weekend, Heyman was with the fighter as part of his support team, and has been a confidant for many years. Looking back at his life, Lesnar says it’s nice to be able to sit and reminisce about the old days, and even likes watching his pro wrestling matches from time to time.

“It’s really been cool to sit back and talk about things” Lesnar commented. “Last night we watched, Bill Goldberg came over last night, me and Bill we watched my last match for WWE, and we just laughed. But it’s cool that we can do that, and the coolest thing about it is that I’m here right now. It’s crazy.”

No word from Lesnar on when the book will be released, but it’s expected to span quite a bit of time and cover many subjects, as he’s lived an interesting life that should end up being a monumental story.