The ‘Karate Rap’ Music Video From the 1980s Looks and Sounds Just as You Expect It to Look and Sound

October 4, 2014

Karate Rap Song

Before the Machida era, back when MTV showed music videos and Saturday-morning cartoons were still on local television channels, there was the 1980s. It was a simpler time, and one that we here at MMA Hot Sauce will forever remember as the decade that spawned our editor, Erik Fontanez. Good times.

The 80s also spawned this absolute gem of a video wherein a karate instructor horribly raps about his beloved martial art. Questionable hairstyles, neon backlights, glitter, simple lyrics and everything else that made the 80s such an awesome time. We can probably do some research to find out if this guy, David Seeger, ever took his rap skill(z) to another level, but we’d much rather eat another bag of Doritos and let you watch the video. Enjoy.

Editor’s Note: The 70s, 90s, 00s and other decades were cool, too, but they didn’t give us this video. Advantage 80s.

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