The Intervention: Joe Rogan Gets Brutally Honest with Brendan Schaub

You can’t say that Joe Rogan isn’t honest, and brutally so at times, especially when it came to talking to his friend and UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub about his recent loss to Travis Browne and his career in general. And Rogan believes that Schaub is a good fighter, a good athlete, but he questions whether Schaub can compete at the elite level in the UFC.

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“I don’t see you beating the elite guys,” said Rogan on “The Fighter and The Kid” podcast on Monday night. “I don’t see you beating Cain Velasquez. I don’t see you beating Junior dos Santos. There’s (stuff) that other people can do that you can’t do.”

Rogan praised Schaub for his dedication, determination, and discipline, but did not sugar coat his comments when putting Schaub’s future in perspective.

“There’s a bridge between you and the very best guys in the world, and I don’t know if you can cross that bridge. That’s the reality of life. If you look at your performances inside the Octagon,” Rogan continued. “You’ve had good fights, you’re a very good fighter. That’s not what the issue is.

“The issue is: can you become a champion? If you can’t become a champion, are you comfortable with getting knocked out three or four more times over the next five or six years? You might be okay, but it also might happen. It might happen two fights in a row.”

Check out The Fighter and The Kid podcast above for a very uncomfortable show with special guest Joe Rogan.

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