August 1, 2010

Some tried to call it hype. Vladimir Matyushenko knows it’s a reality.

Jon “Bones” Jones is the real deal and he proved it once again at UFC on Versus 2 as he bludgeoned his Russian opponent with elbow strikes to earn a TKO victory in less than two minutes in their main event bout on Sunday night.

Coming in with a staggering 10.5 inch reach advantage, it was evident early on that Matyushenko would have to do something special to get inside on Jones. He never got the chance.

A quick spinning back kick from Jones put Matyushenko on the defensive, and the New York native followed up with a nice takedown putting his opponent on his back. Working from half-guard, Jones transitioned fluidly to side control, where he trapped Matyushenko’s arm and had him stuck in the crucifix position with no where to go.

Not wasting any time with the dominant position, Jones unleashed a flurry of elbows that Matyushenko just had no answer for, and referee Herb Dean came in to stop the punishment. After the fight was over, Jones admitted he didn’t think it would go so easily, and he had trained for what he expected to be an impossibly tough bout.

“Actually I trained the hardest I could possibly train, I knew Vladimir would be the toughest test, and I just trained my butt off, and things went really well,” Jones commented following the fight.

With his only blemish in the UFC coming by way of a disqualification in a fight he was clearly controlling, Jon Jones seems poised for a big jump in the light heavyweight division, but he’s not calling anybody out just yet.

“I train really hard, and my goal is to become one of the best in the world, if not the best in my weight class. Whoever the UFC decides to give me, I’ll be ready for it,” said Jones. “Not to be cliché but Joe Silva is a great guy, he does a great job with his job and I’ll just let him do that.”

Taking the opportunity to thank the crowd in attendance, Jon Jones pulled out his best Will Ferrell impression to close out his victorious night.

“Hey, you stay classy San Diego,” Jones shouted echoing the comedy “Anchorman” in his final comment to the crowd.

Jones will now likely wait for the chance to face an opponent in the top ten, as the Greg Jackson trained fighter awaits another chance to prove the hype is for real.