The Guy Behind the Guy – Nima Safapour

February 2, 2012

While many see Alchemist Management and remember that one of its co-founders was 90’s rap star MC Hammer, there are also some other partners working behind the scenes that make the group one of the most successful in the MMA industry.

Meet Nima Safapour…an Ivy League educated attorney who fell into the MMA management business by request, not by choice.

In this edition of the ‘Guy Behind the Guy’ one of the leaders of Alchemist Management, who represent some of the top fighters in MMA including Rory McDonald, Brendan Schaub and Stefan Struve, speaks to about how he got involved in the management business, the best and worst parts about the sport, and a few other trade secrets.

This is ‘The Guy Behind the Guy’ – Nima Safapour