The Guy Behind the Guy – Ed Soares

December 21, 2011

Ed Soares and Anderson Silva

Some call him the manager of champions, but Ed Soares just calls himself lucky to work with such a great group of fighters.

With roots in the sponsorship business back when he founded Sinister Clothing, Soares made a trip to Japan for the Pride Grand Prix several years ago and found himself right in the middle of the chance to start representing fighters.

Fast forward to less than a decade later and Soares is one of the top managers in all of MMA working with fighters like Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida, Jose Aldo, and both Nogueira brothers.

Soares is the latest manager featured in’s “Guy Behind the Guy” series. He opens up about how he got involved in the business, the perception that he somehow handpicks fights for his fighters, as well as his translation skills.

Check out this exclusive video – “The Guy Behind the Guy” with Ed Soares…