by Matt Hill – MMAWeekly.com
The second half of this two-part interview with Stephen Quadros began with the discussion of the lopsided IFL semi-finals battle that took place between the Quad City Silverbacks and the Toronto Dragons and ended with ‘The Fight Professor’ itching for the December 29th finals.

The first fight Quadros discussed with MMAWeekly’s SoundOff Radio was the heavyweight match up between Wojtek Kaszowski and Ben Rothwell.

Quadros said, “Wojtek came in and he was (0-3). All of his losses by decision, all of them basically the guy took him down and just played with him on the ground. But the word was – from Carlos and everybody else – that this guy sparred with the late, great Trevor Berbick, he sparred with all of these boxers, he had great hands…he’s a former Tae kwon do champion. Who better to test his standup than ‘Big’ Ben Rothwell? You had this little mini-me guy and this big guy.”

Wojtek started the fight off strong, landing a flying knee and controlling the standup battle through much of the first round, but after Rothwell thwarted a Wojtek takedown attempt, the momentum quickly shifted to ‘Big’ Ben Rothwell.

“At first, it was looking good for Wojtek, he was coming out and he had these weird angles, he was throwing over the top looping shots,” Quadros said.

Once Rothwell got the fight to the ground, however, “He [Rothwell] used his mass and he controlled him and got him into a keylock,” Quadros said.

Quadros continued, “Ben Rothwell is one of those kind of individuals that every promoter loves…he’s big, he loves to talk that pre-fight promo stuff – he’s a great interview – and, he’s got a great knockout, he’s got high-kicks…he’s a promoter’s dream, so he’s going to be tough to beat in the IFL.”

The second match that ‘The Fight Professor’ discussed was the one between Ryan McGivern and Joe Doerksen. Although Doerksen was rocked early in the first round, his experience, coupled with his great ground game was enough to get a pretty quick submission victory once on the mat.

“Joe Doerksen and Ryan McGivern…that was a tough one at middleweight. Ryan McGivern coming off of a submission loss to Fabio Leopoldo back in Moline in September – that’s a fight he was winning by the way. Going against Doerksen, Doerksen having a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu, having all of the submission wins on his credit, it just wasn’t going to be Ryan’s night,” Quadros said.

Moving on, or should I say moving back, Ivan Menjivar took on Bart Palaszewski in the opening match of the night. This fight was an action-packed one and ended up in the judges’ hands, with a split decision going to Palaszewski and the Silverbacks.

Quadros said, “In this one, Bart controlled the action, he used his reach, he used his height, his strength, the size advantage, and he got the win over Ivan.”

Ivan didn’t lose due to a lack of effort, though.

“Ivan is a real hustler, in a fighting sense…I mean he doesn’t have the hat and the cane…he’s a fighter,” Quadros said. “Ivan is a little terror.”

Moving on to other action, Rory Markham, “who’s pretty much the knockout guy for the IFL right now,” according to Quadros, took on late-replacement Keith Wisniewski in a welterweight division battle.

“Wisniewski came into this fight and was dictating this weird tempo that was throwing Rory off…taking him down and controlling the action, I thought he had rounds one and two in the bag. Then he got tired and then Rory started putting in on him and it was probably ruled – I would guess – a 10-8 round on a couple of the judges, so they went to an overtime round,” Quadros said.

Quadros continued, “Wisniewski was so out of it after the third round that he couldn’t continue, so Markham got the TKO victory…but it was a lesson that Markham is not soon to forget.”

The final fight that Quadros discussed was the one between Brent Beauparlant and Mike Ciesnolevicz. Mike ‘C’ – as most everyone calls him – came out a bit confused by Beauparlant’s takedowns and knees to the body, but it was a standing guillotine choke that soon turned the tides for Mike C. Mike sunk in a tight standing guillotine and then jumped guard to get to the floor and finish the submission.

Quadros said, “Mike C jumped in there and took care of business with that guillotine.”

The stage is now set for the Portland Wolfpack to face the Quad City Silverbacks in the finals on December 29th at the Mohegan Sun Hotel and Casino in Uncasville, Conn.

The Wolfpack and Silverbacks are each very talented teams, so one can only assume that there will be some highly spirited fights that night.

“This is going to be super competitive. Wow! I just can’t even begin to think how this is going to turn out,” Quadros said.