The Current Cost Of Pro Elite Freedom

According to a manager with multiple fighters under the ProElite banner, the dormant company is now making it all but impossible for its signees to work elsewhere.

Early in the saga of the marooned fighters, ProElite sent managers a notice requiring written permission from the company to place their clients in another promotion. Now, a few new requirements have been added.

In addition to written consent, fighter reps must provide ProElite with video footage of their outside fight. The fighter must also be identified as a “ProElite fighter” in their appearance.

Ever looming in the manager’s attempt to keep his fighters working is the threat of “injunctive relief” by ProElite, or a court order preventing them from fighting elsewhere.

Amongst the managers and industry vets MMAInsider spoke to, confusion is still the norm on the status of the Los Angeles-based company.

On a side note, the manager also stated that fledgling promotion Art of War is out of the running as the new investor for ProElite due to lack of funds.