Coach bios courtesy of Spike TV
Tito Ortiz was the first ever UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. With a 14-4 MMA record, Ortiz holds victories over Wanderlei Silva, Vitor Belfort, Vladimir Matyushenko, Evan Tanner, and his Season 3 coaching rival Ken Shamrock. Ortiz is best known in the fight game for his intense training regimen and strong work ethic.

“They’re gonna learn a lot, they’re gonna learn the Tito Ortiz style,” said Ortiz. “But they’re also gonna be training with me. I’m not just gonna be the coach showing them how to do it; I’m gonna be the coach doing it with them.”

If you’ve followed mixed martial arts for any length of time, you’ve heard the stories. You know about the legendary Lion’s Den tryouts – tests of strength, skill and will that have broken so many over the years with their sheer intensity. The orchestrator of these tryouts, UFC hall of famer Ken Shamrock, didn’t give any breaks to any aspiring fighter, because on his team, if you passed the test, you were truly serious about your craft.

And if you were serious, Ken molded you into a fighter. Guy Mezger, Tra Telligman, Vernon White, Pete Williams, Jerry Bohlander. All UFC veterans, all world class fighters.

So there’s got to be mixed feelings among the hopefuls who will eventually share a house with Shamrock when he coaches Season Three of the Spike TV reality series “The Ultimate Fighter.” On one hand, they’ll get instruction from one of the sport’s legends; on the other, they may have to go through hell to get there.