MMAWeekly.com your industry leader in MMA News has the inside track of at least one of the big announcements of the UFC. It appears there may not be just one announcement, but there may be more… like the last UFC pay per view that featured BJ Penn coming back to the UFC, (which you heard first on MMAWeekly.com), Tito facing Ken Shamrock on the Ultimate Fighter, plus Frank Mir facing Andrei Arlovski.

MMAWeekly.com has learned there is a potential for three substantial announcements at this show. It is unknown if there will be one announcement tonight or three.

1. MMAWeekly.com has learned that Royce Gracie has been seen in Las Vegas today and according to a few Gracie supporters, he is all set to face Matt Hughes in the UFC main event in May. It looks as though the match will take place at the 175 pound weight class in a non-title fight. According to the Nevada State Athletic Commission rules, Gracie will not be able to fight with a gi, a non-title fight would be three five minute rounds, which means Gracie would not be able to institute any special rules like he received in his last fight in K1 because of the Nevada State rules.

2. MMAWeekly.com has had various reports confirmed that the UFC will indeed debut for the first time in California. This event will most likely take place at Staples Center most likely in April. Some final negotiations are taking place, so look for an official announcement soon.

3. There is talk that the 155-pound division will make a comeback but it seems that it would happen no earlier than June. Still the UFC could have a tournament style format to crown a new champion spread out over a few shows or they could just bring two fighters back to fight for the title. While the tournament style is something the UFC said they wouldn’t do, they could have a series of single fights spread out over a period of time to create a 155-pound champion.

Of the three things listed above, the fight between Gracie and Hughes seems like the sure fire bet for tonight. It doesn’t mean there won’t be more things coming, but from the reports that MMAWeekly has obtained, look for the fight to be the main announcement tonight.

On a much lighter note, MMAWeekly’s Jeff Cain gives us 10 Announcements that WON’T be made tonight…Here’s Jeff Cain’s top ten list of things the big announcement should actually be:

10. The UFC is suing the federal government/transportation department for using the octagon as a stop sign.

9. Resulting from Dana White revealing Chuck Liddell’s 2006 projected earnings, the UFC will announce their first female fight. . . Juliette Lewis vs Willa Ford.

8. In an out of court settlement with the W.F.C, WFC match maker Shannon ‘The Cannon’ Ritch will replace UFC’s Joe Silva effective immediately as matchmaker.

7. The UFC is bringing back the lightweights and Joe Riggs will make his debut at 155lbs..

6. In a stunning and unbelievable announcement, UFC president Dana White is expected to promise he will not drop one ‘F’ bomb during the entire third season of ‘The Ultimate Fighter. “Do you want to be a freakin fighter.”

5. UFC 58 and 59 will be in California with a long term plan of holding UFC 69 in San Francisco.

4. No matter what the big announcement is tonight, expect two fighters to receive Hummers

3. The big announcement tonight is actually the return of Matt Lindland to the UFC. Lindland then wears a sportsbook.com t-shirt to the Octagon.

2. Due to demographic data collected from The Ultimate Fighter TV Show, for the first time in fighting history, there will be ring card boys.

1. In a stunning development, Water will not be allowed near the Octagon. Water’s credentials have been denied. Fighters will only be allowed to drink Xyience in between rounds.