The All-New Online Store Powered by Performance MMA!


It’s Finally Here! The All-New Hi-Octane Online Store Powered by Performance MMA

It’s About the Skills, Not the Skulls

MMAWeekly and Performance MMA StoreOkay, maybe there are still a few skulls, but you get the drift. The new Online Store powered by our good friends at Performance MMA (who are offering 10% off your purchase by using the promo code “newstore”) isn’t just about looking good and styling the latest mixed martial arts fashions, although we do carry one of the most extensive lines of MMA apparel in the industry so you can still be stylin’ and profilin’ with the best of ’em.

It’s about performance.

Performance MMA is owned and operated by fighters and fight fans that know the sport, train in the sport, and watch the sport.

So not only can you come to the new Online Store to look good when you go out on the town or to the UFC, we also have a tremendous line of training equipment that covers the gamut. If you need it, we’ve got it.

We don’t just carry a few pairs of fight shorts and say we’ve got training equipment. We have a full line of the necessary equipment that you need to succeed whether you’re training for fun and fitness, for self-defense, or if you aspire to be the next Georges St-Pierre or Jon Jones.

At the new Online Store powered by Performance MMA, we have fight shorts and gloves, jiu-jitsu gis, competition style underwear, protective equipment (including pads and groin protectors), workout bags, conditioning equipment and supplements, cornering supplies, books, DVDs, and too much more to list here.

In short, we’ve got it all. But even having it all doesn’t mean a thing if we can’t deliver… but we can and we do. Performance MMA prides itself on the best in customer service.

We guarantee to treat you the way we want to be treated… the right way!

We have quick shipping, an easy return policy, an always in stock guarantee, and we value your business above all and are committed to making you a customer for life.

Now how can you beat that? Everything you need in a one-stop shop AND the best in customer service and satisfaction.

Check us out today and give us a chance to prove to you that there’s nothing like the one-two punch of and Performance MMA!

And remember, to get 10% OFF your purchase, just enter in the promo code “newstore”.