Thai Clark plans to take over the fight at LFA 94

October 29, 2020

Following a win over Josh Augustine at LFA 76 in September of 2019, featherweight Thai Clark was hoping to see action again sooner than later, but difficulty finding fights and the onset of the novel coronavirus lockdown has seen him forced to sit on the sidelines for over a year.

Throughout it all Clark didn’t slow down and stayed in the gym working on his game the whole time.

“I’d really just been training,” Clark told “When I wasn’t training I was throwing boxes, just sitting in a warehouse, adding strength and conditioning, then go to the gym and put the work in.

“I was just basically waiting for my moment. I knew my time was coming, so I was staying in shape.”

In particular it’s Clark’s physical development has come the furthest during his time off.

“I started strength and conditioning, which I’d never done in my life, and I was always working my basics,” said Clark. “I learned how to diet. My weight’s on point. I’m eating healthy. I’m studying myself, studying my opponent, and learning what I’m good at.”

This Friday in Park City, Kansas, Clark (8-0) will look to remain undefeated when he faces Chase Gibson (9-5) in a main card 145-pound bout at LFA 94.

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“I’m happy that Chase took the fight,” Clark said. “I’ve been out for a year. It’s been hard to get opponents.

“For me to get the win, all I have to go out there, be myself, fight Chase, and just take over the fight. If people count on me getting tired or anything like that, it would be a horrible game plan. I’m going to go in there and put it on him. I’m going to force him to make mistakes.”

When it comes to his future, Clark isn’t trying to look too far ahead, but instead is choosing to focus on what he can control and let the rest fall in line from there.

“It’s very important to make sure you stay focused on the task at hand,” said Clark. “I’ve learned that you can’t look past any opponent. If you think you can beat him or not, you have to train every single day, never miss a training session, never miss a meal, watch the video and break them down.

“After this fight whatever happens, happens, but I really just want to continue getting chances with the LFA or any big promotion out there who want to use my talents.”

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