by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com
Terry Martin has more on his mind than just his upcoming fight with Chris Leben, as he filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against Mayor Daley of Chicago and Chicago police officers for misconduct.

According to an article in the Chicago Sun-Times, Martin filed the grievance after an incident in Oct. 2005 that led to the UFC middleweight ending up in jail.

Martin was pulled over by Chicago police for a traffic violation, but then the fighter claims the officers used racial slurs during the encounter.

The next day, Martin went to the local police department to file a complaint when, according to the lawsuit, he was identified by the same two officers who had harassed him the night before and he was arrested.

Martin’s lawyer, in a statement to the Sun-Times, said that the officers claim Martin saw them turn on their lights and he fled the seen and was apprehended about a half mile later.

The attorney went on to say that another officer claims he saw Martin pull up to the station with no incident and then was arrested.

Martin is filing the lawsuit claiming corruption within the Chicago police department led to him being arrested during the incident.

No word has been released from Chicago police representatives at this time.

Terry Martin is set to fight on Sept. 19 in Las Vegas against former Ultimate Fighter competitor Chris Leben.