Tenshin Nasukawa Agrees to Conor McGregor Callout… With a Couple Stipulations

January 7, 2019

Former UFC dual-division champion Conor McGregor on Sunday called for a mixed martial arts exhibition bout with the man Floyd Mayweather reportedly made $9 million for boxing in an exhibition bout on New Year’s Eve. Tenshin Nasukawa on Monday responded, agreeing to step in the ring with McGregor, albeit with one significant stipulation.

Mayweather made his latest money grab for a quick – less than one-round of ring time – exhibition against Nasukawa under the Rizin banner in Japan.

Everything was stacked in the undefeated boxer’s favor. He was paid for a three-round exhibition that wouldn’t count on his official record, but even if Nasukawa went hot and tried to turn it into a real fight, which he apparently did, Mayweather was allowed to compete at his natural weight of around 150 pounds to Nasukawa’s 125 or so pounds. That’s not to mention Mayweather’s decades of boxing experience compared to the 20-year-old Japanese fighter’s expertise being in kickboxing and mixed martial arts.

McGregor, who famously earned around $100 million for his first professional boxing match in a bout opposite Mayweather, now apparently wants a piece of the same action with the deck stacked in his favor. 

“I wish to go to Tokyo to face Tenshin Nasukawa in a Mixed Martial Arts exhibition bout,” McGregor wrote on Sunday on Twitter. “Before this summer. Please arrange this, this instant.

“Yours sincerely, The champ champ.”

Or perhaps the tweet was simply McGregor’s latest dig at Mayweather, whom he never misses an opportunity to take a stab at, as noted by his New Year’s Day dig.

“That 9 milli won’t keep you on top of my list for long, kid,” he said, obviously lobbing a comment at Mayweather in reference to the Forbes list of the world’s highest paid athletes

Either way, Nasukawa responded to McGregor’s tweet, tipping his hat to McGregor and agreeing to step in the ring with him, but not exactly wanting to give up the farm the way he did with Mayweather.

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“Dear Mr. McGregor, thank you very much for remembering my name. I’m honored that you would even consider fighting me. 58kg, kickboxing rules would probably get us in the ring sometime in the near future.”

Though McGregor might be willing to relent to the kickboxing stipulation, he would probably have to remove a limb to reach the 58 kilogram mark, which equates to about 128 pounds. The lowest McGregor has competed is at featherweight or 145 pounds.

McGregor is currently mired in the adjudication of his disciplinary case with the Nevada State Athletic Commission, so it’s unlikely he’s stepping back in the ring or the cage anytime soon, serious or not. 

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