Telligman To Face Tim Sylvia At UFC 54

Tra Telligman at UFC 54

Tra Telligman at UFC 54

The MMAWeekly crew is in Las Vegas and has followed this story from start to finish. It was a fight that was on, then off, now it’s back on again. Tra Telligman has passed his medicals will will be featured in the swing bout at UFC 54.

Telligman had not completed his medicals when he arrived in Las Vegas this week. After originally taking his medicals in Las Vegas, he had to re-take a test to be cleared to fight on Saturday night. Evidently, the testing had to do with some expired blood tests. Those results came back and Tra Telligman will face Tim Sylvia at UFC 54.

His opponent Tim Sylvia said “I’m just relieved. I just wanted to fight. I didn’t care about who, I just spent all that time wanting to fight and now I have a fight” Sylvia told MMAWeekly.

Tra had a little more to say about it though. “I’m sure that Tim’s relieved. I know how it is when you’re expecting to fight and then at the last minute, your opponent pulls out and the fight is gone,” said Tra. But despite the stress that he has been under worrying about getting the testing done, Tra is confident, “I’m a better boxer. But I expect this fight to end up in a submission.” A little bit of a surprise since both fighters really like to stand and trade more than go to the ground.

The fight is expected to be the swing bout on the pay per view telecast. Here is the order that has been discussed for this week’s pay per view. Look for the official order to be solidified later tonight.

– Frank Trigg vs Georges St.Pierre
– Diego Sanchez vs Brian Gassaway
– Randy Couture vs Mike Van Arsdale
– Tim Sylvia vs Tra Telligman (swing bout)
– Jeremy Horn vs Chuck Liddell

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