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It’s been interesting to see how the fans have responded to Canada vs the USA theme. Some of the bigger radio stations in Toronto have jumped on board with the nation vs nation theme by giving winners from Canada tickets to UFC 58 and then flying those winners from Canada to Las Vegas for the fights this weekend.

The fans are pretty split as far as the poll of the front page goes between Georges St.Pierre and BJ Penn. Of the 16,000 votes cast it’s basically split 50/50. BJ Penn 50.25% Georges St.Pierre 49.75%

Ryan Bennett catches up with the boys from Canada- David Loiseau and Georges St. Pierre. The two will be in the headlining acts this weekend at UFC 58.

One is fighting for the title and one is as St. Pierre puts it,”I fight the guy, who according to a lot of people, who’s still the champ.”

These guys are coming and they are prepared for war. As David Loiseau puts it, “But in my head, you know, I’m the champion… I have to go out there and take my belt.” He continued, “I’m not going to shock the world, I’m going to shock half of the world. Because half of the people out there know what the deal is.”

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