Team Alpha Male Launches New Training Program

In an effort to keep up with the rapid rise of fight tourism, Urijah Faber has confirmed the launch of his recently overhauled “Train with TAM” program and website.

“We’ve had an informal training program for a long time.  Many of our fighters you see on TV today started with the Train with TAM program. Cody Garbrandt, Paige VanZant, Darren Elkins, and Teru Ishihara are some of our more recent program trainees who have since done big things in the MMA world,” Faber said.

Cody Garbrandt and Team Alpha Male“Logistical problems have always kept us from truly growing the program, but with our new facility in the works and several new lodging options now available, we aim to scale this program for a much wider audience.  We really want to cater to everyone, whether you’re a pro, or someone just wanting to travel and lose a few pounds, our goal is to make this vacation program accessible to anyone.”

Josh Espley, TAM’s new CEO had this to say about the program: “I have seen first hand in Thailand the positive effect fight tourism brings, not just to the person training, but also to the team providing the training.  There is a symbiotic system of learning on both sides. Additionally, I know that people are constantly looking for new ways to stay active while vacationing and fight tourism bridges that gap perfectly.

“The fact that you can be right alongside such highly successful athletes is something you don’t really see in other sports.  Try to walk into any NFL or NBA workout facility and see if they’ll let you workout alongside their professional athletes; my guess is you will probably be quickly escorted from the property.  Our fighters like giving back and sharing knowledge and I certainly hope more people take advantage of opportunities like this while they are readily available.”

The Train with TAM program is an extendable one week of MMA and physical training with lodging options, and includes all local transportation.  For more information, please visit

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