Te Edwards Expecting Highlight-Reel Finish at UFC Fight Night 138

October 21, 2018

Following nine months of inactivity, lightweight Te Edwards returned to fighting this past June with the biggest win of his career.

Facing Austin Tweedy at Dana White’s Contender Series, Edwards was able to pick up a TKO win in just under 30 seconds, earning himself a UFC contract in the process.

“We spent a while trying to get in front of Dana and showing the world what we have to offer, the Contender Series was a perfect platform for that,” Edwards told MMAWeekly.com.

“We went in there knowing what we had to do and got the highlight reel finish that we wanted that was enough to impress Dana. We got our contract and now we’re moving forward.”

For Edwards, getting his UFC contract has been exciting, but more so he feels like it has given him a bit of security that he didn’t feel before in his career.

“Before I was unsure where my fight career was going; if we were going to get fights, when to prepare, when to get ready,” said Edwards. “Now we have that ability to know when the fights are, we know we will have time to prepare and train.

“It’s been a relief to train with that security and not worry if we’ll have a fight come up in two weeks or something, or if they switch guys out or whatever.”

On October 27 in Moncton, Canada, Edwards (6-1) will make his full promotional debut when he faces Don Madge (7-3-1) in a preliminary 155-pound bout at UFC Fight Night 138.

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“From what I’ve seen his footwork and head movement aren’t that great,” Edwards said of Madge. “He’s more of a Thai guy, kind of stands in place, walks forward and throws volume at you. That doesn’t work well against me; a guy with good head movement and good reaction time.

“I think he’s going to walk forward into something or get set up and get hit. I’ve got heavy hands and he doesn’t seem the type to move out of the way. We’ll have to feel what we want to throw in the highlight reel, and see if I can mix it up for you guys and give you some cool footage to have.”

Now that he’s in the UFC, Edwards intends on pursing his opportunity in the company to the fullest.

“The spotlight doesn’t bother me at all,” said Edwards. “I think I actually perform better when the camera is on and the spotlight is on. It benefits me if anything.

“I think I have an exciting fighting style and good personality; I’m good in front of the camera, I talk a good game, I have highlight reels (finishes). I want to go out and promote and build that following and get fans wanting to watch me more and get me on bigger cards.”