Tatsuya Kawajiri Likely Next Star Headed to One FC

Gilbert Melendez and Tatsuya Kawajiri throwing down at Pride Shockwave

If the stars align like we think they will, Tatsuya Kawajiri will soon be a fighter on the OneFC roster based on information obtained by MMA-JAPAN.

In what was OneFC’s biggest week in the free agent market, it appears they are about to add long time Japanese superstar Tatsuya Kawajiri to what is beginning to be a very deep roster.  Sources with knowledge of the negotiations informed us this week that Kawajiri is very close to signing an agreement with OneFC and a deal will likely be reached “very soon”. Both sides are said to be in “very deep negotiations”.  Adding Kawajiri to the roster would further bolster the promotions status as one of the top promotions in the world.

Kawajiri has been a staple in Japanese MMA for quite some time.  As part of many fights that were worthy fight of the year candidates, Kawajiri has never backed down from a good fight.  Fights with Takanori Gomi and Eddie Alvarez are just a couple of The Crusher’s wars that excited fans around the world.

Kawajiri spent a majority of his career at lightweight, fighting names such as Gomi, Aoki, Hansen, Alvarez, JZ, and the list goes on.  Kawajiri even got into the K-1 MAX foray, fighting the legendary Masato in a fight that saw fans vote on Masato’s opponent as part of his retirement tour.  After suffering a submission loss to Dream lightweight champion Shinya Aoki, Kawajiri took the plunge to featherweight where his strength made him an absolute wrecking machine.  Going undefeated at featherweight, Kawajiri was thought to be next in line for a title shot just before the doors closed at Dream.

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