by Matt Hill – MMAWeekly.com
Fresh off of her recent title victory, Tara Larosa, the woman who many consider to be one of the top 135-pound female fighters in the sport today, joined MMAWeekly’s SoundOff Radio to talk Bodog Fight, her MMA career, and who the number one female fighter out there actually is.

Tara joined the guys at MMAWeekly Radio to discuss her impressive armbar triumph over very game fighter Kelly Kobald in Bodog Fight’s Latest Pay Per View production. Tara took home the Bodog championship belt after catching Kobald in a submission at the 2:50 mark of round 4, but it certainly was no walk through victory for the newly crowned champ.

Tara said of the fight, “It was definitely exciting…it was exciting for me inside the ring. It was nuts. In the first round I ended up in the clinch a bunch, which I didn’t want to do, but it started to work out for me so I didn’t mind. Second round I ended with an armbar and it was really tight, but I think I got her shoulder too far up there and I didn’t get the tap. Third round I’m not gonna lie, I was a little gassed out…I was tired. Actually, I took a knee to the head while I was down and it gave me time to recover and in the fourth round I pulled out the armbar.”

Speaking of exciting, female fights and fighters are starting to earn a reputation…a good reputation. A number of organizations – especially Bodog and EliteXC – have had women’s bouts steal the show and eclipse both the performances and excitement level of their male counterparts. This isn’t to say that men don’t have exciting fights…they certainly do, but there is an emerging trend of women getting out there and stealing the show.

Tara said, “We always steal the show and you have to attribute that to training with all guys because you’ve got to think about it, women are generally smaller and we’re not as strong as guys, so we’ve got to develop our technique and our speed a lot more so than our strength. So, when we chicks get into the ring, we’ve been training with all guys so it’s going to be super fast paced and really highly technical, so I think that’s why we steal the show so much.”

So with her show-stealing fight, her impressive victory over Kelly Kobald and some time to reflect on her performance, how does Larosa feel knowing that she is the new Bodog 135-pound women’s champion?

“I’m super stoked,” said Larosa. “It’s absolutely awesome. I think that was like my sixth fight for Bodog – or MFC Bodog – and it’s really nice that they didn’t just throw in the title right in there off the bat. They actually sorted out the division and they brought a bunch of people in…we’ve been having a lot of women’s fights on the Costa Rica cards, on the Russia show on the different Pay Per View’s…it’s been great. I’m really, really thankful that they’ve taken such a great approach to trying sort out the women’s division.”

Well, while we’re on the topic of the women’s division, let’s quell a few possible misconceptions fans or outside observers may have about these ladies. 1.) Just because these fighters are women doesn’t mean they aren’t as competitive as guys. 2.) Just because these fighters are women doesn’t mean they aren’t as tough as guys. 3.) Just because these fighters are women doesn’t mean that they aren’t capable of talking just as much smack as their male cohorts.

This being said, there seems to be a bit of a rivalry brewing between the new champ and Erin Toughill, another well-known female fighter.

Larosa said of the Toughill, “Erin has never liked me. We’ve never really gotten along…Erin doesn’t really like anybody. She doesn’t really get along with anybody and I think it’s just my turn to get bagged on or called out. She’s done it to everybody in the past…she always wants to target somebody who’s got their five minutes in the limelight. It’s really sad. She really doesn’t need to get notoriety or publicity in that respect because I think she’s a great fighter, you know. I don’t know, I guess that’s just her problem.”

Now that that’s sorted out, it’s now on to the tough question…who is the number one 135-pound female fighter in the world? Is it you Tara? “I have no idea. I’m sure that there’s somebody out there that can beat my ass…I know there is, there has to be. I’m just waiting for them to come along and bump me off,” Tara said.

So how long will fans have to wait to see Tara back in the ring giving someone the chance to try and bump off the champ?

“I was trying to get on the August card,” Larosa said. They’re filming Seasons 5 and 6 up in Vancouver in the end of August and I’ve been trying to get on that card, but I think that card’s closed, so they have me on for October.”

As great as it would have been for fans to see Larosa compete again in August, her fight in October will be even that much better with more time for preparation, more time for publicity and, of course, more time for a little smack talk.