by Dave O’Donnell
Tank Abbott’s fight against Amokrane “Kiane” Sabet in the United Kingdom’s Cage Rage promotion has been postponed due to a training injury suffered by Kiane.

The fight was scheduled to take place this Saturday, July 1st, on a card that will also include Ian Freeman vs. Melvin Manhoef.

I went to visit Kiane in the hospital, and all the while he was saying that he wanted to fight. The doctors all said the same thing: “You will not be able to fight.”

Kiane made the following statement:

“I would like to let you all know that I was recently admitted to hospital after injuring myself in training. The injury was diagnosed as a condition known as ‘Gilmore’s Groin.’ This involved torn abdomen muscles and needed immediate surgery. Due to these unfortunate circumstances my fight with Tank has had to be postponed. I would however like to categorically state that I am not pulling out. This duel will go ahead no matter what. My injury has been a minor set-back but it doesn’t deter me in any way from taking on Tank and fulfilling the challenge I have set myself.

This is a challenge that will make martial arts history and I want you all to know that my training really did start from scratch six months ago! My only experience as a fighter prior to this was in 1999. (A fight that was fought with much inexperience, and only 4 sessions of training at London Shoot Fighter). I can only apologise however to all those who have been anticipating this match on July the 1st and promise you, once again, a fight in September that will truly make history me knocking out Tank.”