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Tank Abbott at Strikeforce 3

Tank Abbott at Strikeforce 3

MMAWeekly Radio
There have been plenty of unofficial rumors regarding Tank Abbott going to Pride. Tank confirms to MMAWeekly that he indeed will be fighting in Pride, but against who?

Tank Abbott joins Frank Trigg and Ryan Bennett today to talk about the four names that have been given to him from Pride/DSE. Are the four names Japanese fighters or are there Brazilians and Americans he may face. A few of the names may come as a suprise to some of you.

Join the guys live today at 9am Pacific/12 Noon eastern to hear the exclusive from Tank as well as the Bushido 8 recap as Bennett and Trigg breakdown Baroni vs Chonan, Kimo vs Minowa and the other fighters who competed this weekend in Japan.

MMAWeekly’s very own Scott Petersen, who was at the fights this weekend in Japan, will call in from Japan today and give a live account of what happened. It’s all coming up today on mmaweekly radio. Remember the show is absolutely free when you listen live at www.mmaweeklyradio.com