by Al Yu – MMAWeekly.com
Long time UFC veteran David “Tank” Abbott returns to the cage this Saturday at Strikeforce. After a little more than a year absence from competition, Abbott will face former UFC heavyweight contender Paul Buentello. Tank appeared on MMAWeekly’s SoundOff Radio last night to discuss his upcoming fight and about what the future holds for his career.

“I’m ready to go. Usual training… I’m doing my thing,” said Abbott regarding his preparation for this fight. “It’ll be interesting to see what happens.”

When asked what he thought about his opponent Paul Buentello, Tank didn’t have much to say. “Uh… whatever,” responded Abbott. “If he can walk and go in there, you got to be at least prepared to fight, that’s for sure.”

On October 10th, Ken Shamrock will face Tito Ortiz for the third and probably final time. In the past, there were talks about the possibility of Ken and Tank fighting. Abbott was asked about the possibility of meeting Shamrock in the future, presuming he doesn’t retire after his meeting with Ortiz.

“I’d love to fight Ken,” stated Abbott. “In my estimation, he’s nothing but a big goof.”

Many members of the MMA community feel that the UFC’s current heavyweight division is weak and lacks talent when compared to other organizations.

“I’m not really enthralled with the talent they have,” commented Tank. “They got that guy that’s like a sack of potatoes when he’s not on steroids… [Tim] Sylvia or something like that. He’s their main guy and then they try to build up other people. I’m sure when my mind is right and I’m in physical condition, I’m pretty sure I can give them a run for their money.”

This Saturday, Abbott will be making his debut in Strikeforce. Even though his appearance will be a one-fight deal, Tank commented on the possibility of fighting in Strikeforce again.

“There’s always a chance, you never know,” said Abbott. “When I signed a multi-fight deal with the UFC the last time, I didn’t want to fight my very first fight with them against Mir. I said, ‘I’m a man. I signed the contract and I stepped up. I fought for you guys.’ They seemed to forget about that.”

“Anyways, I don’t like doing multi-fight deals, so if you got an offer for me to fight and it’s worth my while, I’ll show up,” added Abbott.

Having fought since 1995, Abbott has experienced what can be considered a long career in MMA. “I don’t really care about my age,” said Abbott. “Like I said, I never took steroids and that’s kind of prematurely aged a lot of these guys. So, I’m still plugging away.”

“I don’t fight because I want to make money or want people to know me. I love to do it. If I can still fight, I’ll fight forever.”