by Steven Marrocco – MMAWeekly.com

“Ultimate Fighter” season ten
winner Roy Nelson had a plan when he signed up for the UFC’s
flagship reality show: win the competition without taking any damage, then
dazzle everyone when the contract was at stake. 


On Saturday, he did just that.


Nelson, 33, had the last laugh
on those who said he was sandbagged on the show, including UFC president Dana
White. But that wasn’t the point.


“After talking to Forrest
(Griffin) and Rashad (Evans), they always said this
is the hardest road to actually becoming the champion, so I wanted to challenge
myself,” said
following a crushing knockout victory over finalist Brendan Schaub. 
“That’s the reason why I jumped into the house.


“It was more of a marketing
decision… now everyone knows who Roy Nelson is.”


Schaub, a 26-year-old former NFL
football player with a 4-0 record, stung Nelson with a solid jab and a few
straight rights.


Nelson, a veteran with 21
fights and five years in the pros, knew that he’d be in range once the newcomer
lined up for his power shot.


“I knew if he steps in when he
throws his two, I’m going to be able to hit him with my two,” said Nelson. “Just
two forces meet: one’s going to land, and the other one’s not.”


Asked how he felt following his
victory, Nelson simply said, “like ‘The Ultimate Fighter.'”


here to watch Roy Nelson’s Ultimate Fighter post-fight video interview.)