Taking Matters Into His Own Hands, Tim Kennedy Turns to Twitter in Search for New Opponent

September 28, 2013

Courtesy of Craig Amos and official MMAWeekly.com content partner Bleacher Report.

Kennedy-v-Manhoef-Strikeforce-Ohio-7609After successfully debuting in the UFC this July, middleweight fighter Tim Kennedy was handed the opportunity to welcome Lyoto Machida to the 185-pound division. Unfortunately, Machida was pulled from the bout to stand in for the injured Michael Bisping at UFC Fight Night 30,  where he will face off against Mark Munoz this October 26.

Having lost his dance partner to Munoz, Kennedy took to Twitter to find a replacement. But not before he took the time to let Munoz know exactly what’s what.

After settling that score, Kennedy went on a match-making rampage of sorts, canvassing for a number of potential opponents to join him in Kentucky on November 6.

His first solicitation was to the legendary Wanderlei Silva.

Kennedy’s second call went out to Stockton bad-boy Nick Diaz. And according to Kennedy, he has a couple things the retired Diaz wants.

Next up was Rafael Natal, who recently took an exhilarating decision win away from Tor Troeng at UFC Fight Night 28. Never mind that Natal is already scheduled to face Ed Herman this November 16. He’d still have 10 days to recover between fights.

Kennedy then explained his attempts to find an opponent would have to be put on hold since it is his anniversary, and his better half is more deserving of his attention than his colleagues are. Then, three minutes later, he changed his mind and got back to it.

Perhaps not getting the immediate call-backs he was after, Kennedy broadened his search and went hunting outside his native 185-pound class. Mauricio Rua was the mark, both for the offer and a little complement of scorn as well.

We’ll have to wait and see whether or not Kennedy’s attempt to land a partner for UFC Fight Night 31 pay off. He seems pretty open to just about anything at this point, but how will that make his targets feel?

I mean, if you get called out, that’s special. But if you and 10 other people get called out, that’s really not. It’s like an open invitation to go on a date.

Regardless, the UFC is likely to step in before long and settle matters. November 6 is not too far off so whoever winds up Kennedy’s counterpart will need notice soon.

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