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UFC Free Fight: Frank Mir Subs Tank Abbott

Jul 30, 2014NoNo Comments4144 Views

Frank Mir was known in the early days of his UFC career for his stunning submissions against many of the old guard. Case in point,

Looking Back at the UFC’s First Trip ...

Aug 23, 2011NoNo Comments2517 Views

MMAWeekly.com looks back on UFC 17.5, more commonly known as UFC Brazil, where Frank Shamrock defended his title in the main event, and the first

Glee Meets MMA? Kevin James Gets Full Bless...

May 31, 2011NoNo Comments5202 Views

It hasn't happened since Zuffa took over, but the UFC has allowed their name and business to be featured in the new Kevin James film

MMAWeekly Radio 10/04/2006- Tank Abbott, E...

Oct 04, 2006NoNo Comments955 Views

All this and more on today’s edition of MMAWeekly Radio.   Click here to continue reading MMAWeekly while listening to this podcast Right-Click Here to

Tank Interview With DSE

Aug 17, 2005NoNo Comments1955 Views

Pride/DSE has a very entertaining interview with the one and only Tank Abbott who is getting ready for his fight next week against Yoshida...

Cabbage's First Interview Since Tank F...

Jul 21, 2005NoNo Comments2994 Views

It's always easy to do an interview after a big win, but always tough after a tough loss. Cabbage breaks his silence giving his

Tank Tells All On MMAWeekly Radio

Jul 18, 2005NoNo Comments1223 Views

There has been plenty of unconfirmed rumors regarding Tank Abbott going to Pride. (See our rumor section) Tank confirms to MMAWeekly that he indeed will