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Former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Tim Sylvia was not shy responding to Jerome LeBanner’s challenge today. Sylvia jumped on MMAWeekly Radio today with Ryan Bennett and Frank Trigg and didn’t pull any punches.

“First of all, I don’t even know who Jerome Le…Lebanner, what ever his name is, Jabroni is. I have heard the name. I’ve talked to the guys at the gym. He is very high up there from what I understand. I’m not calling any K-1 fighters out…But if somebody is calling me out, they need to step into my rules and fight me in the UFC.”

Sylvia continued “Therefore, he needs to go through all the legal actions and have his manager contact the UFC, have the UFC get him to fight me. I mean, he’s calling me out. Why do I have to go on his turf and fight him? Second of all, why is he calling out the number two guy? Why isn’t he calling out the number one guy? Everyone says Arlovski is better than me, and Arlovski is the champ. Why isn’t he calling him out?”

Tim was asked if he accepts Lebanner’s challenge as long as it takes place in the UFC. He answered, “Absolutely. Why wouldn’t I? I mean, if the UFC finds it justified for him to fight me in the UFC, bring it on. I’ll fight anybody. You guys should know that by now.”

“I’m not calling him out to fight in K-1. If he wants to fight me so bad, he needs to step into my world, and that is in a cage, and that is in the UFC.”

“I just kind of find it disrespectful to call me out and try to get me to fight K-1. You know? I’m not a K-1 fighter. I’m not claiming to be one.”

Sylvia then went into one of the funniest moments in show history when he talked about his next hunting trip and made hen calls and followed them up with Turkey calls. One of the strangest and funniest thing’s you’ve ever heard. If you missed it, check out today on the radio archive.