by Jeff Cain
Tim Sylvia talked briefly with MMAWeekly.com last night and wasn’t shy about what he thought about the Tra Telligman situation….

Sylvia said quote “I will spot somebody 10 or 15 grand to fight me, I don’t care…” Sylvia told MMAWeekly. Telligman did not have his medicals taken when he arrived in Las Vegas, so he had to take tests yesterday in the State of Nevada. If Telligman can’t go, then Sylvia may still have a fight after all. As far as possible opponents, MMAWeekly has learned that three names have been tossed around. They are John Marsh, Bobby Hoffman and Ron Faircloth.

The tough part for the UFC is any potential fighter needs to have his medicals already cleared since we are just 24 hours before fight time…something Telligman apparently didn’t do when he left Texas. That’s why the UFC is in the situation they are in now because the medicals were not completed by Tra. Telligman is still confident he will be fighting Sylvia.

Telligman finished his medicals yesterday and this morning we should hear more about whether or not he is cleared to fight. It’s expected by late morning that a decision will be made whether Telligman can fight or not. If not, then the UFC will select one of the three fighters mentioned. When Sylvia was asked who he would like to face he said “I don’t give a sh#$. I just want to fight. I trained hard, I just want the fight.”