Sylvester Stallone willing to make Conor McGregor a UFC owner

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It doesn’t really appear to be the route that Conor McGregor wants to go to gain ownership in the UFC, but several celebrities seem to be willing to make it happen.

When WME-IMG purchased the UFC for more than $4 billion, they offered minority ownership stakes to many of their clients, who took them up on the offer. Some of those celebrities include Sylvester Stallone, Mark Wahlberg, and Conan O’Brien, all of whom have made various overtures about their willingness to cut McGregor in on the action.

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McGregor, of course, has often pined for his “fair share” of the UFC pie, believing that he’s done enough for the company to warrant ownership. Thus far, UFC president Dana White has balked at such demands. 

Will McGregor ever take any of these celebrities up on their offers? Will White ever acquiesce? Is it all coming to a head?