by Matt Hill – MMAWeekly.com
Mike Swick spoke to MMAWeekly.com recently about new UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva, and his own likelihood of challenging the champ for the title. Mike left no doubts in regards to his feelings on his and Silva’s possible meeting, and whom he thinks would be the definitive winner.

Swick said, “Everybody keeps asking me whether or not I want to fight Silva after watching him beat Rich. Of course I do. Silva is the number one middleweight right now and I want to test my skills against him.” Swick went on to say, “I’m a competitor…I didn’t get into the UFC because I’m afraid to get hit. If I get in there and lose to Silva, then I will take my beating like a man and at least know where I stand.”

Mike seems to have taken all of the correct steps to try and make a fight with Silva a reality, though.

“I asked Dana [White] at the UFC 64 post-fight press conference and the ball is in their court,” Swick said.

Mike also commented on what he will do if he doesn’t get a shot at Silva for his next fight.

“If I don’t get a title shot next, I will take whatever fight the UFC gives me and I will take it just as seriously as a title shot. There is a lot of stuff I want to work on and improve on and I can’t wait to get back to the gym to do so,” Swick said.

When asked how he plans to beat Silva, Mike said, “I obviously can’t tell you my exact game plan…just in case this fight does happen, but we are training everything here [at A.K.A.] and I plan to go into the fight as well-rounded as possible.”

Mike then said, “Most people wait their whole career to have a fight like this. This fight is the best thing I could ever do. I’m not afraid to step in there with Silva. I didn’t get into fighting for the money or the fame, I am a competitor and I want to test myself against the best competition out there…and right now that is Anderson Silva.”

Swick also gave some insight on the Franklin/Silva fight.

“You never really know what’s going on inside a fighter’s mind when he steps into the cage. Rich could have had something going on…but Silva is a monster. He showed how dominating of a striker he really is.”

Swick finished the interview by saying, “I think this fight would be a win-win situation for the fans. There is no possible way that Silva and I could have a boring fight. He is aggressive and I’m aggressive so there’s no way it could be boring. My fight with Loiseau was kind of boring because he was backing up a lot, but Silva is aggressive and he will push the pace,” Swick said. “There is just no way that the fans could lose.”