by Mitch Gobetz – MMAWeekly.com

Swanson Plans To Silence Pulver




Wednesday night, the showdown that has been months in the making will finally
occur between Cub Swanson and Jens Pulver at World Extreme Cagefighting in Las
Vegas. A war of words has ensued between the two in the last couple weeks and
it is now time to put up or shut up.


The fight
supposed to transpire back in September until Pulver was forced to pull out of
the fight due to a knee injury. Swanson has been waiting and now he’s ready to


“I’ve been
waiting for it for a while now. I’m just so stoked,” said the 24-year-old


The talk
that had been going around in this fight was that Swanson didn’t believe Pulver
was seriously injured and just wasn’t ready. Swanson cleared the air on that
subject recently on
SoundOff Radio


“I know
that he’d been sick and that he hurt his knee, but I just felt that he could
have been ready. I felt like he just didn’t take it serious. What pissed me
off was the limping around and I knew that wasn’t true. I wasn’t getting paid
and this is my only job.”


Swanson had
found out that the fight had been cancelled after he had just returned home
from his final days of training.


“It was
extremely frustrating because it was my first day home from Big Bear. I had
crammed eight hard weeks. I ended up finding out on the Internet.”


With Pulver
making his featherweight debut in the WEC, many people were surprised that he
received such a tough opponent in Swanson for his first bout.


“He lost
his last fight and I won my last two [in the WEC], and I heard he was coming,
and I asked for him,” Swanson explained.


A win over
Pulver would certainly catapult him to the top of the 145-pound division and
would more than likely earn him a title shot. At least, that’s what Swanson


“My whole
plan was to come in the WEC and take people out one by one and keep getting
better, and as soon as I felt like I was ready, I’d ask for a title shot. And
after this fight, I feel like there would be no better time.”


While some
fighters attempt to follow game plans to the letter, Swanson knows that he’ll
have to adjust to whatever is going on in the cage.


“I’m gonna
try and go wherever it goes. I think it’s gonna be on the feet for the most
part. I feel ready for wherever the fight goes.”


A video on
YouTube had surfaced recently, and was featured on the WEC preview show, of
Pulver knocking out a training partner with a high kick while proceeding to say
some choice words to Swanson.


“I thought
it was pretty funny. It ended up being a joke around my camp. I thought it
was pretty pathetic. What kind of a jerk knocks out a training partner?
That’s not cool. That just shows what kind of person he is.”


claims conditioning won’t be a factor in this fight and that the longer it
goes, the better for him.


“The longer
it goes, the worse for him. My cardio is great. If he has any chance of
beating me, he’s gonna have to do it quick.”


In fact,
Swanson believes he’ll be the one to end it early. “I say a first round
knockout with Jens’ questionable chin.”