Surprised by Dana White roasting the media? He promised it was coming.

A lot of people were surprised or even upset when UFC president Dana White recently released a video taking media members to task. He specifically targeted those members of the media that had been highly of him finding a way to keep the UFC operational during the pandemic.

That really should have surprised no one. It’s not out of character for Dana White to speak his mind on most topics, let alone members of the media that he doesn’t feel have given him fair coverage.

And if that’s not enough, he came out and said that he had something for those members of the media. He said so in October on former UFC fighter Mike Swick’s YouTube podcast, “Real Quick with Mike Swick.”

Swick recently did a follow-up podcast talking about White’s video retaliation and framed it up from a former fighter’s perspective.

You can watch White’s full video post below.

(Video courtesy of UFC)

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Dana White’s video taking the ‘negative media’ to task