Surprise! UFC Likely to Ohio During Arnolds

Not that it’s a big surprise, but Bernie Profato, head of the Ohio Athletic Commission, told the “The Plain Dealer” in Cleveland that the UFC has tentative plans to return to the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio on March 7, the same weekend as the Arnold Sports Expo.

The promotion has run events in Columbus the past two years, both times the same weekend as the Arnolds, pulling from the huge crowds that flock there for the fitness expo. The demographic for both has a huge crossover, so it is a “no brainer” for the MMA juggernaught.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship debuted in Columus at UFC 68 in 2007, setting what was at the time a North American attendance record with 19,079 fans in attendance. The Octagon was set up again in Columbus in 2008 for UFC 82, drawing more than 16,000.