#SuperTuesday Goes MMA: Fighters and Celebs Pick the President

Randy Couture - Holly Holm - Robbie Lawler

Super Tuesday has swarmed across the U.S. And if you don’t know what Super Tuesday is, well, it’s one of those odd American institutions that’s part of the process of political parties selecting their nomination for president of the country.

While on the Red Carpet for the recent World MMA Awards, MMAWeekly.com had several fighters, ring girls and celebrities break down their pick for president. As you can imagine, their selections and their reasoning covered quite the range… as wide as the chasm between Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders and Evangelical Conservative Ted Cruz.

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From Randy Couture to Holly Holm to Robbie Lawler to Jade Bryce and more, without further ado, here is MMA’s take on the candidates as #SuperTuesday rolls on!

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