by Greg Honda
SUPERBRAWL ICON Weigh-In Results and Pictures

We will have LIVE results on the Soundoff Forum tonight from Hawaii as Robbie Lawler, Niko Vitale, and Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller battle for SuperBrawl ICON.

Some say you are not the champion until you defend the belt. Falaniko Vitale is on the verge of taking that next step, as he attempts to defend his newly acquired SuperBrawl/ICON Middleweight Championship belt against Robbie Lawler. In April Vitale brought the belt home to Hawaii by knocking out Shooto star Masanori Suda using his, now legendary, “flying man punch.” Seven-time UFC veteran Robbie Lawler is looking to come into Vitale’s home turf and walk away with the belt.

The SuperBrawl/ICON Welterweight belt will also be on the line as Jason “Mayhem” Miller takes on Mark Moreno. This is a grudge match that was originally scheduled to happen back in December of 2004, but had to be rescheduled due to an eye injury sustained by Miller. Look for Moreno to come out swinging for the fences, while “Mayhem” will try and work his slick Jiu-Jitsu.


Here are the results from Thursday’s weigh-ins:

Falaniko Vitale – 185
Robbie Lawler – 185

Jason Miller – 175
Mark Moreno – 172

Kolo Koka – ???
Ryan Diaz – 157

Bryson Kamaka – 160
K.J. Noons – 160

Mike Taniguchi – ???
Tyron Glover – ???

Kimo Woelfel – 185
Nick Ring – 185

Trevor Garrett – ???
Reese Andy – 185

Corey Daniels – ???
Kala Kolohe Hose – 205

Tyson Nam – ???
Mike DeJesus – ???

Stoka Solla – 170
Ikaika Choy-Fu – 165

Ben Rodriguez – 172
Kalani Ing – 175