by Terry Harmon, Pics by Greg Honda
SuperBrawl: ICON
Honolulu, HI
Saturday July 24, 2005
Pictures by Greg Honda

Superbrawl’s name change and evolution to ICON Sport was celebrated with a packed house at the Neil Blaisdel Arena in Honolulu, HI. The passionate Hawaiian fight fans came out in force to support their local hero Falaniko Vitale. They were heartbroken at the end of the evening as Vitale lost the SuperBrawl Middleweight World Championship to “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler via a 2nd round TKO . In the co-main event and Welterweight World Championship bout, Jason “Mayhem” Miller controlled the action and stopped Mark Moreno with an arm bar at 4:54 of the 1st round.

Robbie Lawler fought through adversity and appeared to have the better cardio conditioning in his victory over Falaniko Vitale. Lawler started the fight with focused energy and got busy throwing punches with bad intention. Vitale defended the storm well through the first round. With each of Lawler’s charges, Vitale stayed in control and kept Lawler close with a body lock to mitigate Lawler’s striking power.

Early in the second, Vitale got the better end of the standing exchanges landing looping shots. Near the halfway point of the round, Vitale took control with an aerial slam of Lawler and transitioned to side control. Vitale used the side control to work Lawler over with knees and ground-n-pound. Vitale saw an opening and transitioned to a leg-lock attempt. Lawler took advantage of the transition and scrambled back to his feet to give him another chance to work his powerful striking.

With the round winding down, the fresher looking Lawler engaged Vitale in another brawling session. Vitale couldn’t handle the power this time and was knocked to the canvas. Lawler pounced on Vitale and dished out rapid fire punishment until the referee stopped the fight.

In the co-main event, Jason Miller controlled every minute of the action in defense of his Superbrawl: ICON Welterweight World Championship belt against Mark Moreno.

Miller took the fight to the ground within the first 2 minutes of action. From the top position he gained side control and hammered knee after knee into Moreno’s ribcage. Working mostly from side control, Miller was able to grapevine his legs around Moreno’s left arm, while controlling Moreno’s right hand. This allowed Miller to land a number of hammer fists to Moreno’s undefended face.

As the punishment mounted and round was coming to an end, Miller was so in control that he was able to gesture to his corner that it was time to finish the fight. After signaling his corner, he smoothly positioned himself to lock in an armbar that stopped the fight just 6 seconds before the end of the round.

In other action:

Kickboxing- Ben Rodriguez by KO over Kalani in RD 1

MMA- Kala Kolohe Hose by KO over Corey Daniels RD 2

Kickboxing- Ikaika Choy-Fu by KO over Stoka Solla RD 3

MMA- Reese Andy by rear-naked-choke over Trevor Garret Rd 1

Kickboxing- Tyson Nam by decision over Frankie Dejesus

Kickboxing- Harris Sarmiento by unanimous decision over Alex Zarriello

MMA- Nick Ring by rear-naked-choke over Kimo Woelfel Rd 1

MMA- KJ Noons by KO over Bryson Kamaka Rd 1

MMA- Ed Newalu by majority decision over Mark Oshiro

MMA- Ryan Diaz by armbar over Kolo Koka Rd 1