Press Release
Toronto, CAN — (BUSINESS WIRE) – December 21, 2005 The Fight Network Inc, is pleased to announce that it has signed an exclusive (Canadian) programming deal with Super League for the rights to broadcast its Super League Thai Boxing events.

This agreement will see The Fight Network air Super League events in their entirety each and every week. This will be the first time these events will be available on cable and satellite television in Canada.

“Super League is the premier Muay Thai organization in Europe,” said Brian Sobie VP of Programming and Production for the Network. “It features incredible fighters who put on fantastic shows. We’re also thrilled by the fact that one of the Super League’s stars is Canadian, Clifton Brown.”

“The Fight Network has given us a great opportunity to bring Super League to our Canadian fans on a consistent basis”, said Marcus Bauer, President and CEO of Super League. “To fight in Super League a fighter must already be the champion of his country. That means we have a very elite and highly skilled stable of Thai Boxers competing in our organization. We are already the premier Thai Boxing promotion in Europe and we feel with the help of The Fight Network, we will achieve similar success in Canada.”

More about The Fight Network:

The Fight Network is a cross-platform media company with interest in television, radio, print and online content offerings.

The Fight Network is prepared to launch its 24 hour television specialty service into the Canadian market beginning September 22, 2005 and will be the first and only service of its kind in North America.

The Fight Network is dedicated to delivering the best of boxing, pro wrestling, mixed martial arts and related movies, documentaries twenty-four hours a day.

The Fight Network Inc. was granted a Category 2 broadcast license to operate in Canada a twenty-four hour specialty channel to be billed as; TFN-The Fight Network.

This licence was approved by the Canadian Radio and Television Commission (“CRTC”) which is the governing body in Canada that legislates and approves the operating of broadcast services.

The Fight Network Inc. corporate headquartered is located in Toronto, Canada. Additional information on the company can be found at www.thefightnetwork.com

More about Super League:

SuperLeague was founded in the autum of 2003 in Vienna, Austria by Marcus Bauer who had a vision and a dream to create the biggest and best Muaythai fighting circuit on the planet.

In the first year three successful events were staged in Germany, Holland and Austria with world class fighters from France, Belarus, Portugal, Sweden, New Zealand, Denmark, Germany, England, Turkey, Japan, Austria, Italy, Belgium, U.S.A., Holland, Thailand, Albania and Australia and a live TV audience of several million viewers in different countries and a growing TV marketing partnership.

The following year saw an increase in events adding to the list of countries Switzerland and Italy and a continuous increase of the nationalities of the fighters represented plus a widening of the global TV-partners.