September 11, 2005

by MMAWeekly.com
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This past Sunday Night Jens Pulver was on the Soundoff Forum talking with the fans about his upcoming fights. One of the questions was if Jens was considering retiring.

Pulver said,” It was part true about the retirement thing. I mean it cannot get any better for me than winning the Grand Prix. On the same token I love getting into the ring or cage fighting in front of the crowd and do not know if I could get away from that.”

Pulver then was asked numerous times about his legendary fight with BJ Penn. Jens said, “The toughest fight was BJ Penn, because of the mental side of it. He was the favorite and all that. The second round made it tough, because I almost got armbared and he mounted me for about two minutes in that round and I remember thinking at the end of the round, ‘shit he is just going to come out here and do this again, I have no chance.'”

Pulver continued “But like I said there was that moment when I was sitting in my corner and I could see a guy behind BJ making cut throat motions to me and right then something inside snapped and I was not going to give that guy the satisfaction of seeing me lose. I turned it around and had a better fight after that.”

Pulver was asked to rank the fighters 1-10 in the Tournament with 1 being the best and this is how Little Evil rated the tournament. 1st Gomi, 2. Sakurai 3. Kawajiri 4.Edwards 5. Hansen 6.Pulver 7. Azeredo and 8.Kotani.

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