SportsNavi reported that Genki Sudo had an open training session at K-1’s official gym in Tokyo on December 14th. Sudo, who is gearing up for his match with Norifumi “KID” Yamamoto on K-1’s 12/31 SHOCKWAVE card, seemed confident of becoming the first ever HERO’S middleweight champion, saying, “I’m sure I will start 2006 off in a good way.”
Sudo, whose current weight is 73 kilos (161 pounds), commented to the assembled press that he is healthy. When asked about injuries that have plagued him, he said “Some are not completely healed, but that will actually serve to my advantage because this way, I’ll have to stay sharp.”
Concerning his training, he said it has been centered mostly around striking. “My opponent has good wrestling skills, so I have trained so that I’ll be able to hit him with knees when he shoots in on me.” Of course, Genki’s bread and butter is his submission game, and he indicated that he has trained to submit Yamamoto from the bottom in case he can’t take him down first. He even promised to display a couple of new submissions he invented himself.
Sudo then displayed his skills, performing two 3-minute sparring sessions, first grappling, then striking. Flowing from one move to the next, he trapped his sparring partner in a front choke, then, following a big throw, rolled him up in a triangle for the tap. His striking looked equally as impressive, as he delivered combinations, spinning kicks and backhand blows to his sparring partner.
When asked what he thought of Yamamoto’s comment that he’d “wake up (after being KO’d) and realize it’s already 2006,” Sudo quipped, “I might get KO’d from drinking too much at my victory party.” Will it be KID’s KO or Sudo’s victory party? No one can say at this point, but it’s almost certain to be exciting either way.