Courtesy of K-1
(Photo Courtesy of K-1)

Kid Yamamoto and Genki Sudo made it official that they will fight on the Dynamite card on New Years Eve. Sudo and Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto won their respective brackets in the eight-man Hero’s Middleweight World Championship 2005.

With their victories, the stage is set for a dramatic New Year’s Eve showdown at the K-1 Premium Dynamite 2005, where Sudo and the Kid will fight for the first Hero’s Middleweight Championship Crown.

Sudo went through Kazuyuki Miyata defeating Miyata by armbar of the second round to move on. In the semifinal, Sudo peppered Hiroyuki Takaya with spinning back kicks and punches and later jumped onto Takaya’s back for a rear naked then a triangle choke to force the tap-out to make the finals.

Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto of Japan, took on Royler Gracie in the first round of the tournament. In the second round it was Yamamoto who countered a flying knee attempt by Royler with a jaw-rattling right hook to flatten the Brazilian and pick up the KO victory.

Yamamoto then defeated Caol Uno, in the second round as Yamamoto landed a good combination to bloody Uno’s left eye, prompting a doctor check. Three doctors worked on Uno’s face for three minutes before he was cleared to continue, but later in the round the referee had no choice but to step in and stop the bout, as a bloody Uno could not continue, giving Yamamoto the win.

Yamamoto and Sudo took centerstage to sign the contracts to make it official that they will meet to finish their business on New Year’s Eve for K-1’s Dynamite.