Strikeforce’s Paul Daley Done With Decisions

Paul Daley is done with decisions and he’s done dealing with referees.

The hard hitting British bomber heads into his next challenge at Strikeforce: Tate vs. Rousey this Saturday night against former Pride fighter Kazuo Misaki and he wants to make it clear, the judges won’t be involved.

Daley is actually hopeful the referee doesn’t even have to get too involved after a couple of tough losses he suffered in 2011.

“I’m starting to get a little disheartened. I never really saw the biasness with TV networks and the refereeing and I’m not trying to be in anyway towards the U.S. fans or anything, but you hear a lot ‘I don’t want to box in Germany. It’s hard to get a decision. I don’t want to box here.’ And I’m looking back at the fight I had against Tyron Woodley and the fight against Nick Diaz, and there’s a stoppage against Nick Diaz, which was three seconds from the end and I was kicking away at his legs,” Daley explained while a guest on MMAWeekly Radio.

“There wasn’t even a blink in John McCarthy’s eye when I face planted him. Then there’s inactivity for three whole minutes against Tyron Woodley on the floor, where he was doing nothing and I was shutting him down, but there was just no action. But he chose to stand it up like a minute from the end. Just stupid little things I’m becoming aware of.”

It’s no secret that fans and fighters alike – and UFC president Dana White – have taken judging and refereeing in MMA to task over the last few years. From painfully inconsistent scoring to referee’s being scrutinized for stand-ups happening too quickly or not quickly enough, there doesn’t seem to be a happy medium in the world of MMA.

While it is frustrating to Daley as well, he’s quick to point out that his problems with referees and judges are just that, frustrations. He’s not saying that he shouldn’t have lost the fights and he’s not making any excuses, Daley just wants to understand why there’s no consistency.

“I don’t want to look at it from that point of view and be a guy who sounds like he’s looking for excuses because Burt Watson always says take it out of the judges’ hands and stop the fight, which you should, which is what I always do,” Daley said.

“When I go to the U.S. now, I really have to go out and stop guys cause the network’s not going to do me no favors, the referees aren’t going to do me no favors, that’s how I feel right now.”

So as he heads into his fight this weekend with Kazuo Misaki in Strikeforce, he wants to make one thing perfectly clear.

The judges can take the night off because there’s not going to be a decision.

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