Strikeforce Video: Tim Kennedy Talks MMA and Real War, Isn’t Gonna Be “That” Guy

The term “war” is used loosely in the sports world. Of any sport, mixed martial arts is probably the closest to having a legitimate claim to its use, but let’s face it, sports is sports. War is war.

Tim Kennedy is a fighter that knows what real war is like. Serving in the Army’s 7th Special Forces Group, he served tours of duty in both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

Kennedy thinks it’s “cute” when fighters say they’re going to war in a ring or cage. He’s not going to war when he fights Melvin Manhoef for Strikeforce on Saturday night in Columbus, Ohio. He’s going to take Manhoef out and get back in line for the Strikeforce middleweight championship.

Kennedy’s sponsor, Ranger Up, produced a video of him with a moving interview and showing the extra effort he takes in his training, both in preparing for military combat and combat in the cage.