Strikeforce To Adopt Unified Rules after Zuffa Purchase; Elbows on the Ground Now Allowed

March 14, 2011

Business as usual seems to be the tag line most associated with Zuffa’s recent purchase of Strikeforce, but there will be one major change made that a lot of fighters might be very happy about.

For years, Strikeforce has had a policy of not allowing elbows to the head of a downed opponent, which is different than the unified rules used in most MMA promotions.

Well, that rule is no more.

UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta announced during Monday’s history UFC/Strikeforce conference call that while the Strikeforce cage won’t be changing to the legendary Octagon, they will be adopting the unified rules, which means elbows on the ground.

“We’ll continue to use the hexagon,” Zuffa owner Lorenzo Fertitta commented about the cage to be used in Strikeforce. “The one change that we’re going to implement as promoters of this show is going to be the unified rules that we use in the UFC.”

Fertitta did answer ‘correct’ when asked point blank if elbows would be allowed on the ground as well.

The change marks the first time Strikeforce fighters will be allowed to use elbows on the ground in MMA competition.