Strikeforce Tate vs. Rousey Play-by-Play: Ryan Couture vs. Conor Heun

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Ryan Couture vs. Conor Heun

Round 1:  Lightweights kick off the night of fights with Couture vs. Heun.  They touch gloves and Strikeforce: Tate vs. Rousey is underway.  Couture using footwork on the outside.  He works to establish his jab.  Heun delivers a body kick.  They’re feeling each other out.  Couture lands a combination and Heun clinches him.  Couture presses him against the cage and lands knees to Heun’s legs.  They separate.  Couture moving in and out, dictating the pace.  Heun stands rather flat-footed while Couture bounces on the outside.  Couture lands a straight right.  Heun secures a takedown.  Couture attempted a triangle.  Heun elevates him and slams him to the canvas.  Heun works his way back to his feet.  Couture moves in with a combination and Heun takes him down.  Couture quickly gets back to his feet.  Couture lands an overhand right.  Heun has swelling under his left eye.  Couture lands a spinning back kick to the body at the bell. scores the round 10-9 for Couture.

Round 2: Heun is cut below his eye. Couture comes out doing much of the same as he did in the first round.  He uses lateral movement and footwork to get inside and land strikes.  Heun briefly gets Couture down, but Couture immediately gets back to the standing position.  Couture misses with an uppercut and Heun ducks under and takes him down.  Couture looks to isolate an arm.  Heun delivers elbows to Couture’s body.  He works inside Couture’s guard.  Couture works for an arm bar but Heun defends the attempt.  Couture stands and Heun applies a choke.  He lets it go and Couture takes him down.  Couture takes Heun’s back and applies a rear naked choke.  Heun defends it and stands.  They’re tied up against the cage with a minute left in the round.  Heun pulls guard and that’s the way the round ends.  Couture on top unable to do anything and Heun working rubber guard from the bottom. scores the round 10-9 for Heun.

Round 3:  Couture lands a front kick to the body.  Heun misses with an uppercut.  Couture ties him up and works for a takedown.  Heun drops down and looks for a kimura.  Couture advances to the mount position.  Heun scrambles.  Couture elbows him in the thigh.  Couture moves to side control and moves to take Heun’s back.  He does and delivers ground and pound.  He flattens Heun out and lands several punches.  The referee steps in to stop the fight.  Ryan Couture wins by TKO.

The official time of the stoppage was at 2:52 of the third round.

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