Strikeforce Tate vs. Rousey Play-by-Play: Caros Fodor vs. Pat Healy

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Caros Fodor vs. Pat Healy

Round 1: Fodor misses with a big right hand.  Healy ties him up along the cage.  Fodor lands short hammer fists as Healy works for the takedown.  Fodor spins him and presses Healy against the fence.  They fight for position.  Healy delivers knees to Fodor’s legs.  They separate.  Fodor lands a left hand on the break.  They clinch again.  Fodor presses him against the cage and drops down and secures a takedown.  Fodor lands a solid elbow.  He works in half guard. He postures up and lands two elbows.  Healy is cut on the bridge of his nose.  Two minutes remain in the opening round.  Healy escapes out the backdoor.  He trips Fodor and obtains top position.  Healy works inside Fodor’s full guard.  Healy peppers him with left hands.  Healy stands and drops back in Fodor’s guard.  Healy has Fodor pressed against the cage and lands punches.  Healy may have stolen the round with the strong finish.

Round 2: Fodor throws a combination to start the second round.  He lands a stiff jab.  Healy comes forward with a combination and Fodor answers with an inside leg kick.  Healy delivers an inside leg kick of his own.  Healy clinches and presses Fodor against the fence.  Healy gives up on the double leg takedown and works for a single leg.  Fodor defends it, displaying excellent balance in the process.  Healy eventually gets the takedown.  Fodor gets back to his feet but Healy gets him back to the canvas.  Healy controls him but does little to no damage.  Healy advances to side control and then to full mount.  Fodor gets back to half guard but was unable to get up from the bottom. scores the round 10-9 for Healy.

Round 3:  Fodor lands a right hand.  Healy comes back with a leg kick.  Healy drives forward going for a single leg takedown.  He secures it with four minutes left in the fight.  Healy advances to full mount.  Healy’s grappling ability is too much for the lesser experienced Fodor.  Healy lands short left hands.  Healy applies a side choke but Fodor escapes and isolates a leg.  Healy spins aand slaps on an arm triangle choke.  Fodor is forced to tap out.

The official time of the submission was 3:35 of the third round.

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