Strikeforce Rousey vs. Kaufman Play-by-Play: Bobby Green vs. Matt Ricehouse

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Bobby Green vs. Matt Ricehouse

Round 1: Green goes low early with a kick, but it gets caught and Ricehouse dumps him. He pops back up and catches a Ricehouse kick before they separate and start trying to find their distance. Green starts to get his jab going, but Ricehouse counters well with the right hand and a low kick. They tie up briefly and Green lands a knee to the chin, but Ricehouse stays in the pocket and fires back with good punch combinations, frequently switch his stance. Green is starting to dictate where the fight goes, moving Ricehouse around the cage. Ricehouse, however, isn’t taking much from Green, instead staying patient and timing some good combinations. Ricehouse lands a knee, but Green drops him with a left hook. Ricehouse is back up, but Green follows with numerous pnches and a solid knee to the body. Ricehouse pedals away trying to recoup his faculties. Green catches a Ricehouse kick, launches one of his own and then takes Ricehouse to the mat. Ricehouse gets out and up, but Green ties him up and lands a couple knees to end the round. scores round one 10-9 for Green.

Round 2: Ricehouse comes out kicking, but Green fires back with punches and follows with another solid knee. Green shucks off a Ricehouse takedown attempt and then lands several knees to the body from the Thai head plumb. They trade a few punches before Green again presses Ricehouse to the fence and lands a couple more knees to the body. Ricehouse lands a solid kick to Green’s left calf then follows with a knee to the body and right cross before circling away. Green moves in and lands a hard uppercut followed by some body punches and a kick to the ribs. Ricehouse keeps trying to circle away, but Green follows him and lands some stinging jabs. Green has a good feint, but Ricehouse reads it and lands a left hook, right knee combination. Green moves in and ties Ricehouse up, lands a knee to the body and then drags Ricehouse to the mat, taking back mount. Ricehouse scrambles out and up, pressing Green to the cage. scores round two 10-9 for Green.

Round 3: Green opens with a right uppercut. Ricehouse fires back with the 1-2 punch combo, but eats a counter from Green. Green goes back to the body, clearly showing his superior handspeed and timing throughout the fight. They tie up, Green pressing Ricehouse into the fence, landing a couple more knees to the body. Big right hand to the body by Green. Ricehouse doesn’t back off, but he’s still not able to beat Green to the punch. Green then jumps up with a switch knee, cracking Ricehouse in the chin. Green lands another uppercut. Ricehouse answers with another strong left-right combo, but Green eats it and mocks Ricehouse. Thirty seconds left and no urgency from Ricehouse. Green shoots, doesn’t get the takedown, but drives another of his patented knees to the midsection. scores round three 10-9 and the fight 30-27 for Green.

Bobby Green def. Matt Ricehouse by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27), R3

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