Strikeforce Results: Pat Healy Subs Maximo Blanco in Main Card Opener

September 10, 2011

Pat “Bam Bam” Healy won the opening fight of the Strikeforce card in Cincinnati with a second round stoppage over Maximo Blanco.

Healy sunk in the rear naked choke late the second stanza and improved his MMA record to 26-16, overall.

Blanco began the first round aggressively, and took Healy down to the mat where he landed a few elbows. After getting back to the feet, Blanco continued the aggressive approach and landed a mix of kicks and punches on his opponent. The fight went back to the ground where Healy tried to go for an toe hold, but Blanco repeatedly kicked his downed opponent in the face, which put a halt to the action by the referee. After doctors checked Healy, Blanco had a point deducted and the fight resumed. Blanco continued pressing Healy, but the fight went to the ground and Healy landed shots from behind until the end of the round.

Round two had both fighters trading shots early. A stiff jab by Healy dropped Blanco and the fight went to the mat, again. Healy tried to sink a choke, but Blanco escaped and they stood, once again. Another couple takedowns by Healy led to a choke on his opponent. A short while later, Blacno was forced to tap and the fight was called late in the second frame.

The stoppage came at 4:24 of the round.

Healy gets the 14th submission win of his career, and does so at the same time as spoiling Blanco’s Strikeforce debut.

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