Strikeforce Results: JZ Cavalcante vs. Justin Wilcox Ruled A No Decision After Eye Poke

June 18, 2011

JZ Cavalcante

JZ Cavalcante

Gesias “JZ” Cavalcante vs. Justin Wilcox was ruled a no decision after an accidental eye poke.

Wilcox put his ever improving striking on display in the opening round, beating Cavalcante to the punch and out striking him on the feet.

Cavalcante was able to fend off two takedown attempts, but scored the round Wilcox due to effective striking and being the aggressor.

Thirty seconds into the second stanza, Wilcox caught an unintentional poke to his right eye and immediately fell to his knees in pain. The ringside doctor was called into the cage and after checking Wilcox’ eye twice the fight was stopped and ruled a no decision. Wilcox was unable to see out of the eye.

“As soon as I throw the punch, I was expecting him to coming in. I wanted to keep my distance and he came in with his head and got poked in the eye,” explained Cavalcante following the fight. “It happens in MMA and unfortunately that’s what happened.”

Cavalcante felt he was probably behind on the scorecards at the time of the eye poke, but felt the fight was going as he planned.

“I don’t think I was winning. I don’t know, it was close. I have to watch it. I know the first round I was waiting a little bit more, being patient to see what was the game plan. I know he has good wrestling, so I was waiting a little bit more.

Justin Wilcox's Eye Injury (courtesy of @JustinWilcoxMMA)

“The second round I was getting my aim, find the place that I need. That’s why I came forward and came strong in the second round to put more pressure, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.”

Cavalcante predicted “better things” in his future.

Wilcox later tweeted,”On the way to the hospital, nobody can stop me with legal move,” and included a photo of his eye.