Strikeforce Results: Herschel Walker Gets Second Win, TKOs Scott Carson in the First

January 29, 2011

Herschel Walker punching Scott Carson

Herschel Walker punching Scott Carson

Herschel Walker came into his sophomore effort in Strikeforce with a record of 1-0. After Saturday night, he remained undefeated as he finished Scott Carson in the first round of their affair.

The Heisman Trophy winner showed he had some power in his left hand when he rocked Carson for the TKO win at 3:13 of the opening stanza.

The fight started off with Carson throwing a right head kick that grazed Walker’s chin. This looked as though it angered Walker, motivating the former NFL running back to throw a flurry that included a left hand strong enough to send Carson crashing to the mat. Walker attempted capitalizing from there, getting on top of Carson, stacking him up and landing punches from that position.

Carson looked like he almost secured Walker’s leg for a leg lock, but Walker was able to escape and eventually capture his opponent’s back. From there, Walker kept sneaking in punches from behind through any hole Carson gave him. An attempt by Carson to get back to his feet was met by Walker slamming his opponent back on the mat. It was clear Carson had no offense to offer here. For a moment, he was able to monkey roll onto his back where he would try to initiate getting back to the feet again, but on Carson’s way up, Walker caught him with yet another massive left hand. This was the beginning of the end and the ref stepped in to put a stop to the contest.

Walker collected the TKO victory, despite eating a head kick he feels he shouldn’t have opened himself up for.

“I was okay,” Walker said in his post-fight interview at center cage. “I took a kick where I think I was getting a little bit too excited. And when you’re in an MMA fight, you shouldn’t get kicked like that.”

The finish was evidence of Walker’s training and urge to build his offensive arsenal. The now 2-0 mixed martial artist wanted to harness what he learned and apply it to his competition.

“One thing that Javier told me was build offense,” Walker explained. “Being a young MMA fighter, I gotta control what I’m doing in the cage.”

Prior to fight night, rumors swirled that Walker, after competing in his second Strikeforce fight, would make an attempt at coming back to the NFL, being the oldest player ever to compete in the premier football league. Saturday night, however, he confirmed that he would do no such thing, deciding to stay with MMA and continue to learn and compete.

“That is the case,” Walker said about not pursuing an NFL comeback. “MMA is my love. I love MMA.”