Strikeforce Playboy Show on NBC

The hard-hitting middleweight (185 lb. limit) battle between Terry Martin (17-6) and Cory “The One” Devela (9-2) will highlight the premiere of Strikeforce’s second affair at Hugh Hefner’s world-famous Playboy Mansion on NBC tomorrow night.

The all-new “Strikeforce on NBC” episode will also include a feature segment on Martin, one of mixed martial arts’ (MMA) most compelling stories. A former gang member, he survived five gun-shot wounds that nearly took his life at age 15 on the streets of his native Chicago, Illinois.

Martin has since earned a bachelor’s degree from Northern Illinois University and pursued a dual career in professional boxing and MMA. At 28 years old, he is also a candidate for a master’s degree in psychology.

Devela’s appearance at the Playboy Mansion marked his second start for Strikeforce. During the promotion’s debut in Tacoma, Washington on February 23rd, the 24-year-old protege of MMA superstar, Dennis “Superman” Hallman, stopped Joe “Diesel” Riggs with a hard throw in the first round that forced an incapacitated Riggs to verbally submit.

Following its production of the first-ever MMA event at the Playboy Mansion on September 29, 2007, Strikeforce returned to the Beverly Hills, California venue with a star-studded affair on September 20, 2008.

“Strikeforce on NBC,” the first 52-week mixed martial arts series in network television history, airs every Saturday, immediately following NBC’s hit poker tournament series, “Poker After Dark” (check local listings).